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Song of Solomon 2:15 NLT

Catch all the foxes, those little foxes, before they ruin the vineyard of love, for the grapevines are blossoming!

Friends, there is never a time when the enemy of our souls is sitting down not thinking, scheming, plotting or conjuring up ways to prevent us from accomplishing our God-given assignments.  Please understand that he hates every one of us and there is no love in his heart for us.  Remember, because of the victory that the blood of Jesus won for us, we now have the privilege of having total access to God and the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of being in constant fellowship with him.  This was the same access that Lucifer, now satan, used to enjoy.  Therefore, his desire is to cause us to sin, fall, stumble or miss the mark. His goal is to separate us forever from the lover of our soul. He wants us to be disconnected, just as he is.

His tactics are not new. He has been using the same tactics since the beginning of time.  His attempts with you and I are not new either.  If we look over the course of our lives, I’m sure that there is a consistent pattern of his attempts to derail us.  Some of those have been successful and others have not, but he didn’t change his attacks. He simply used a different method.  But, thanks be to God that no matter what the situation may have been, we can still call our Father FAITHFUL. He is faithful to keep us against any attack of the enemy and cause us to triumph victoriously!!

Today, be watchful of the small foxes that at times try to trip us up.  The enemy can be crafty, cunning and very devious.  He doesn’t always come to us with what we would consider the “big sins or temptations,” but he finds his way into distractions, attention-eaters, conversations that doesn’t produce good fruit, arguments over small matters, and thoughts that linger in our minds a little longer than they should. Those are the small foxes that have the tendency to spoil the vines in our lives that would otherwise, produce a tremendous harvest.

Beware of the small foxes,


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