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Life takes you on a journey without your permission at times….and then there are other times when you embrace movement because you know it’s time for change. You can’t deny it. You can’t ignore. It’s time to start walking. Maceo and I have enjoyed two years of marriage and honestly, we could possibly write a book with many chapters about the first two years alone. In two years, we have become better partners. We’ve eliminated a lot of debt. We’ve worked through disagreements.  We’ve endured greSomewhere In Between Graphicat loss accompanied by heart shaking grief. We’ve launched initiatives together…. and put our “heart work” on hold for a while. We made a brave decision to relocate and drive across six states to start a new chapter of our lives together. That’s a lot….and yet, we are still somewhere between here and there. Transition, while necessary, isn’t always comfortable and it doesn’t always come with immediate answers.

Three months ago Maceo and I loaded up two trucks with all of our “stuff” and headed to Texas. We were excited about the next chapter. Truthfully, we still are. We said goodbye to the place where we met and walked in love to continue writing our story in a place where neither of us had ever lived before. Although we didn’t know many people in the Dallas area, we knew that our decision to move was now and we chose Dallas.

With the trucks loaded and snacks on board, we started our 15 hour journey into the unknown. Yes, we were headed to Dallas, but what would happen next? What would this next chapter look like? We had many thoughts between the two of us on the road trip. On the drive we stopped to refuel the trucks often and a few times to refuel our stomachs. We laughed and talked on the phone with each other about a little bit of everything while on the trail. I knew that this was the start of something special but  also I knew that arriving in Dallas was only the beginning.

We planned to stop and rest after about 9 or 10 hours of driving. The GPS led us to a building that was NOT our hotel. We ventured off to find the missed exit ONLY to be looped around to the same building again. So, we tried turning on a side street in hopes of finding another outlet only to end up in a neighborhood that we should NOT have been in. In an attempt to turn around I realized that Mace was no longer behind me. I nearly panicked. By this time, the rain started to pour down and I noticed that Mace is stalled trying to turn the moving truck around in this neighborhood. One of the wheels had come out of the brace on the tow dolly. While I was relieved the see him….I knew that we needed to get out of this neighborhood fast. We obviously looked like we didn’t belong and the moving trucks were a dead giveaway. At this point the rain is coming down harder and I can hear branches breaking due to the strength of the wind. Suddenly, this thought came rushing to the front of my mind. “I’m so glad I’m with him”. Yes, we are somewhere between Charlotte and Dallas but I’m so glad I’m with Maceo. I’m not in the middle by myself. We are together. I also learned something new about Maceo that perhaps I would have learned later in our marriage but the transition brought it to light for me. Maceo is very tactile. He thinks like an engineer. I wish I would have met him before he went to college because clearly we would be rich now. LOL He thinks on his feet and with his hands! It was an eye opener for me. It helped me to see, in one way, how his brain works. It was intriguing to say the least. He figured out a way to get the wheel back into the brace. He secured it and we were on our way to the hotel to rest.

As I followed him in the other truck, I kept saying “Thank you Lord. Thank you for Maceo.” It was bigger than him getting us out of the neighborhood but it was about the fact that I felt safe with him and that I believed that he would figure it out. As a matter of fact, as the rain increased….I heard him whisper “Okay, Lord show me what to do”. While it sounds simple…’s really huge. Here we are somewhere in-between and this guy is listening and responding. He didn’t loose his cool, well, at least it didn’t show. It once again confirmed that he would ask God for help whenever we were in trouble. It also, said to me that I married someone that may not have all the answers but will try to figure it out as best as he can.

We made it to Dallas. We’ve unpacked our lives here. We are taking it one day at a time. Are we “there” yet? Nope. We are still somewhere in-between, but we are together at peace and happy about our journey. Our relationship is getting stronger. We are gaining ground every day and I’m learning the value of transition. Some things are only revealed once you move. Strengths. Mindsets. Growth areas. Skills. Some days we are okay with not knowing all the answers and other days not so much. :)  But, I appreciate the lessons that we are learning somewhere in-between.

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